Terms & Conditions

Ordering Designs

When Ordering From 360 Dance & Cheer all designs are free when you order from us, we make efforts to expertly craft this design that is perfect for you - However this service is only provided to customers that order from us.

We can't run a successful business by providing free designs to those that don't do business with us - that is why the free designs created for you are still the intellectual property of 360 Dance & Cheer, unless agreed upon by 360 Dance & Cheer & the other party.

This is to ensure that those that order free designs do not abuse this service by going to another company to print our designs. Use of our design without permission will be treated seriously especially  to those that do this with malicious intent.

Privacy & Safety

Here at 360 Dance & Cheer only collect vital information that we need for our operation like Team Names, Emails & Shipping Addresses. That said we treat all of this information as personal data meaning we only destitute it internally and it will never be given out without your permission.

Information such as payment details will never be saved and accessible by our database, this is to ensure your safety from fraudulent activities, so rest easy knowing your information is safe with us.

Order Inquiries

If you ever encounter any issues with orders, or simply have some questions. You can contact us and we will answer your inquiries as best we can.

Bulk/Wholesale orders are organised from our office, but are handled by our resources department who communicate to other printing services. This is done to ensure that your order is completed in a timely manner.

Smaller orders, or orders that are sent locally are most likely completed "in-house". Here at 360 Dance & Cheer we've ensured that there will be no quality different between our in-house prints and our external operations, and if there are any inquiries to be made please look to our "Enquiries Page"

Payment Methods

We accept payments types such as...

  • Credit / Debit Cards


  • Offline Payments