Screen Printing

Here at 360 Dance and Cheer, we use screen printing, which is a process of transferring ink to the garment, with this process we can easily print 2 colour designs, however, we can do 5 colour designs – at an additional cost.

The inks we use, and the method is top-notch, they are high quality and very durable; lasting a very long time – due to the ink coming off quite thick, this makes them really pop in terms of colour and boldness. After that, we press the print onto the fabric and dry it.

Along with the entire colour wheel, we also have glitter inks to add that extra sparkle to your garment. The glitter really catches everyone’s attention when they’ve got the lights on them. Our print and design team specialise in screen print, and with us, the result always comes out great, high quality, unique and durable.

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Sweat Shirts
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Our screen-printing orders require a minimum order quantity (MOQ) due to the high set-up costs; however, to make up for that we cater for all team sizes and guarantee good results.

The MOQ is 10 items per design, that way you can mix-match your sizes to the type of clothing as much as your desire – provided that are all the same design.


Your order with us can be altered at any point before printing, we do this to ensure your happy with the product we provide you.

The Standard print size depends on your choice of smallest garment, and style you order, all customers can request a second print size at a small additional charge – This means you can tailor the size of the print on each size and style of garment to perfectly fit them.

Ordering from us means you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees – we're always transparent and up-front about the price of our products, a happy client is our primary goal.

All orders are produced at our in-house facility, all orders are individually packed, bagged and labelled free of charge all before delivery – this ensures that our orders are organised and never get mixed up.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable (Oxo-Biodegradable) we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious. That being said, there is an option to opt-out if you believe if this free upgrade is not required.

Lastly, we are committed to providing the best service at a competitive industry price, and if you provide us with a quote or invoice for your project – We’ll match that price!


Designs are FREE

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Large print area

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Low Minimum Order Quantitiy (MOQ)

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Available Glitter Inks

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Packeaged & Labelled in house