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Updated: Jun 24

Your choice in print is vital to get the results you want in your design, there are a lot of different factors that go into this choice and this blog is designed to assist you in that process.

If you have a design already, then you’ll need to figure out what category yours fits into:

  • Logo

  • Lettering (Initials of players or their roles)

  • Artwork

Now that you’ve figured out what type of design you have, we will tell you everything you need to know about the different print options available.

First and foremost is Screen Printing, it’s great for vivid colours on a bold canvas. We can use glitter inks and shimmer inks to make your design stand out. It’s great for creating bold unique uniforms for your dance and cheer team.

  • Perfect choice for logos.

  • Good choice for artworks that you want to be vivid and bold.

  • Bad for lettering.

  • Can use glitter inks or shimmer inks.

  • Is Great for large quantity orders, Bad for small quantity

Secondly, is DTG Printing. It's our number one choice for detailed designs and photorealistic images. This print is seamless with the fabric, unrivalled in its quality and is our most Eco-friendly printing method.

  • Perfect for artworks that you want to be detailed and intricate.

  • Decent at everything else, a very well-rounded choice if you’re unsure.

  • Very comfortable and seamless – Great for practice clothing.

  • Great for low quantity orders and decent at a large quantity.

Thirdly, is our On-Demand service, which is identical to DTG Printing, the difference lies in the order method – with On-Demand your order is faster due to it being automatically processed and printed when you order.

  • Same detailed quality as DTG with a little quicker turnaround.

  • Our best and cheapest option for small quantities (Customize a single T-Shirt or many).

  • Due to our quick processing time, you cannot change your order after ordering.

Next is Vinyl Printing. Vinyl is great for smaller finer designs. We have a range of choices in colours and types - it's the perfect choice for adding simple sleek text to any garment, and its durable material will last more than 5 years under normal use.

  • Perfect for lettering and logos with prominent lettering.

  • Great for adding small personalisation (Initials, Names or Roles)

  • Decent at simple art designs.

  • Bad at complicated designs.

  • Good at both low and high-quantity orders

Next is Embroidery Printing, embroidery is a very versatile print choice that provides the perfect finish to any design – whether you want your design to be vibrant or sleek, bold or discreet. However, when choosing embroidery keep in mind that it’s a better fit for warmer, heavier clothing due to the added weight of the embroidery.

  • Perfect for Logos & Lettering.

  • Good at Artworks.

  • Bad at Complicated Finer Designs.

  • Great at low and high quantity orders.

  • Embroidery pairs well with Shimmer and Glitter ink.

  • We Can Embroider Backpacks, hoodies, Sweatshirts and T-Shirts.

Last but definitely not least, is Rhinestone Embellishment – This printing method is definitely our favourite; it shines in the light, and really bedazzles and catches the eye. It’s the best option for the main events.

  • Perfect for on-stand performance

  • We Can Combine an Embroidery Print or Screen Print of your Logo with Rhinestones

  • We Embellish Crop Tops (Type WW & AM)

We hope this blog helped you choose your print design. If you have any queries, we are more than happy to help - Just give us a call or click "Let's Chat".

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