Preparing for your Competition

Updated: Jun 24

The importance of comp (Competition) prep is vital for any cheer and dance team wanting to attend any competition and hopefully win it, in this blog I’ll go over mentality and physicality when it comes to comp, As well as logistic points to cover.

Physical Prep

We’ll go over some fundamentals most of you probably know already. First and foremost is training – every team needs to train together and understand their part in the routine and get the movements down to a science.

But you can’t just train all day long, you’ll need rest; it is almost as important as training – Sleep promotes memory consolidation, which is key to understanding new information (such as your dance routine), not to mention after training you’ll need to rest your muscles for them to repair and prepare for that routine.

Next is diet, you'll need to fuel your body with a full and balanced meal for optimal performance - to give your body enough nutrients to rest, repair and develop for those tough training sessions. Sadly, it isn’t as simple as that, due to dance and cheer being an aesthetic sport; typical uniforms will show parts of the body that naturally carry the most fat. Try and maintain a healthy balance (There are plenty of resources online to assist you in that), I’ll revisit and further discuss this topic in mental prep.

Key Elements to Physical Prep:

• Consistent training with your team.

• Sufficient Rest and sleep.

• Eat full and balanced meals.

Mental Prep

As fundamental physical prep is to practice for comp, mental prep is fundamental to your comp, everyone gets nervous and anxious on the stage and I’ll lay out some tips and tricks to keeping yourself in tip-top shape mentally.

When away from your gym, go through the routines in your mind, play by play, movement by movement, that'll help build confidence in your routine, and help you understand it better. Shake away thoughts of inadequacy; you are on this team for a reason, and you’ve prepared months for that exact purpose.

Don’t compare yourself to other teams, trust in the work you and your team put into this comp, avoid tunnel vision and remember that you and your team prepared exactly for this moment - that if you just do what you trained to do, you’ll be fine.

Revisiting diet and image, if you feel uneasy because of your body, you should try to remember that your body is nothing to be ashamed of (Not easy I know), whether or not you’re trying to get healthier we’re all trying to do our best, your apart of an amazing cheer and dance team that supports you. But if you still feel uneasy then you should seek help/guidance (I’ll link a website below that’ll support you in any way they can.)

Understand that sometimes you don’t succeed, sometimes we fail – But understand that failing doesn’t mean that it was all for nothing, everything you learnt is still valuable, and failure itself is a lesson, the mistakes you make won’t repeat if you take the failure as a lesson; Always fail forwards into success.

Key Elements to Mental Prep:

• Trust yourself and your team

• Go through your routines in your mind, anytime you can

• Don’t compare yourself to other teams

• Avoid tunnel Vision – don’t worry about things out of your control

• Fail forwards into success – every failure is a lesson learned

Logistical Prep

Logistics is everything that isn’t mental or physical, it includes making sure everyone has matching uniforms with good designs (Visit our store page for some great offers). As well as making sure all your team's families and friends have gotten tickets to the event.

It’s also about making sure your whole team gets to the event on time, you can arrange a bus or simply ask parents to take them to the event, and depending on what time the event is - It might be a good idea to have lodging plans booked in advanced.

Key Elements to Logistical Prep:

• Have family book tickets to the event in advance

• Travel time – ensure your whole team is on time

• Lodging – If needed make sure it’s booked in advance

• Make sure to have matching uniforms that look great


Preparing in these three ways is vital if you want to be successful at your comp, if you do everything within this blog then you, and your team will have nothing to worry about – You’ll shine brighter than the stars themselves.

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