The difference between shimmer ink, glitter ink & screen printing.

Updated: Apr 11

Glitter ink and shimmer ink are popular screen printing inks because of their vibrancy and sparkle, but they require some special care so they last to their fullest.

To properly care for your glitter or shimmer ink, you’ll need to clean your print properly after each use and store the ink in a cool, dry place between uses. This will ensure that the ink stays shiny, vibrant and slick.

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If you’re looking to print in shimmer ink, glitter ink or screen print, there are several key differences that you should know about before deciding which type of printing method will work best for your project.

If you think that shimmer ink and glitter ink are the same thing, think again! There are some very subtle differences between the two and they go beyond just the look of your printed item. The same goes for screen printing—it’s not always the best option when it comes to printing items with designs that have lots of intricate detail or when you need large quantities of an item printed at once.

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