Introduction to 360Dance&Cheer

Here at 360 Dance & Cheer, we are committed to bringing you, the customer, the highest quality products. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction - we want to foster great relationships with all of our clients.

To this, we devote ourselves to delivering consistently high quality and practice good communication with our customers to ensure transparency with their orders. We've Worked with multiple Cheer & Dance teams in the past, and our products have consistently provided satisfying results.


This Is Us.

Kieran is the mastermind behind 360 Dance & Cheer, he's been working with cheerleading teams across the UK for almost 12 years now; Including doing some cheer himself - So as you can image he's incredibly experienced and devoted to this field of work.

But he's not alone, with Kieran's guidance we are passionate creatives; driven to innovate. we're skilled designers & manufacturers - In the many different clothing prints and even banners.

We can print your designs or even design it ourselves with your help.

Whenever you order from us - know that we are devoted to making your clothing design stand out and look spectacular.

Everything we do here at 360 Dance & Cheer, is done with the customer's needs in mind - we have many options to choose from, all unique and amazing choices in their own way, and if you choose to work with us, we guarantee you'll be happy with the results.