Rhinestone Embellishment

This print choice is our favourite for many reasons I'll get into later. we sow, stitch or glue each rhinestone embellishment into your choice of garment, it requires finesse, dedication and patience to ensure every piece comes out great, and here at 360 Dance & Cheer we have an excess of all of that.

We think rhinestone embellishment is the number one choice when it comes to bedazzling your dance and cheer team, it shines in the light - draws everyone's attention and keeps them fixated on you, its unique design stands above all other choices when it comes to being eye-catching. that's why this method is our favourite.

However, you will need to take extra care of this garment, ensuring that you use cold water and turn the garment inside out when you wash - this way the embellishment will last much longer. If your are ever unsure, you can always ask us or have a little google.

Your order with us can be altered at any point before printing, we do this to ensure your happy with the product we provide you.

When you order with us you won’t have to worry about any hidden fees – we are always transparent and up-front about the price of our products, a happy client is our primary goal.

All orders are produced at our in-house facility, all orders are individually packed, bagged and labelled free of charge all before delivery – this ensures that our orders are organised and never get mixed up.

All our packaging is 100% recyclable (Oxo-Biodegradable) we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious. That being said, there is an option to opt out if you believe if this free upgrade is not required.

Lastly, we are committed to providing the best service at a competitive industry price, and if you provide us with a quote or invoice for your project – We’ll match that price!

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Designs are FREE

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Low Minimum Order Quantitiy (MOQ)

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Glitter Inks Available

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Packeaged & Labelled in house